a Sunday

But always, life is a movement forward.

1. Most people are scared of using their imagination.

2. Your dream doesn’t really matter to anyone else.

3. Friends are relative to where you are in your life.

4. Your potential increases with age.

5. Spontaneity is the sister of creativity.

6. You forget the value of “touch” later on.

7. Most people don’t do what they love.

8. Many stop reading after college.

9. People talk more than they listen.

10. Creativity takes practice.

11. “Success” is a relative term.

12. You can’t change your parents.

13. The only person you have to face in the morning is yourself.

14. Nothing feels as good as something you do from the heart.

15. Your potential is directly correlated to how well you know yourself.

16. Everyone who doubts you will always come back around.

17. You are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

18. Beliefs are relative to what you pursue.

19. Anything can be a vice.

20. Your purpose is to be YOU.




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tuma dass

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